Stakeholder Engagement

Many of our assignments include a stakeholder engagement component. Synergies consults with stakeholders through a variety of channels including:


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Access Policy Independent Expert

Synergies is Australia’s leading advisor on pricing and economic regulation in the port sector. In 2017, Synergies was engaged by Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd (WICET) to undertake an independent review of the Wiggins Island Terminal Access Policy. The Access Policy sets out the rules for allocating, managing and expanding capacity at the Terminal.

Case study

Impact assessment of the proposed CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies

The University of Western Australia, in partnership with University of Queensland, is leading a bid to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to investigate new technologies and improved practices for mine closure. The rehabilitation and relinquishment of mines that have come to the end of their life is becoming an increasingly important issue for the mining sector, both here in Australia and internationally. With billions of dollars invested in mine rehabilitation each year, it is ...

Case study

Economic benefits of strategic environmental assessment for Perth-Peel region

Over the next 30 years, around 18, 000 hectares of native vegetation is expected to be cleared in metropolitan Perth to accommodate the state’s growing population. In order to improve the level of protection afforded to the environment, while ensuring economic development can proceed, the WA State Government has commenced work on preparing a Strategic Assessment for the Perth-Peel Region (SAPPR). Synergies was engaged to assist with evaluating the costs and benefits of the proposed ...

Case study

Economic impact of the WA Biodiversity Science Institute

The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) was established by the WA government in 2015 to perform the role of a ‘science broker’, with the purpose fostering greater collaboration in finding practical, strategic solutions to the State’s biodiversity management challenges. WABSI’s stakeholders include the mining industry, government, researchers and non-government organisations. Synergies was engaged by the WABSI board to prepare an independent review of the value and impact of the Institute over the past four ...

Case study

Evaluating ‘Royalties for Regions’ investment in WA tourism projects

Over the past 10 years, Royalties for Regions (RfR) has provided $208 million in funding for regional tourism projects in Western Australia, with a wide diversity of projects being funded across nine development regions. Synergies undertook an evaluation to provide insight to the extent to which the RfR investments have contributed to economic growth and what factors need to be considered for future public investment in regional tourism.

Case study

Assessing the feasibility of the NuWater project

Synergies was engaged by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) to undertake a water demand assessment and to assess the economic and financial and commercial feasibility of the NuWater project – a proposal to supply recycled wastewater from treatment plants in South East Queensland to agricultural producers in the Lockyer Valley and on the Darling Downs.


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