Expert Testimony

Synergies’ ability to authoritatively enable non-technical audiences to understand complex technical issues has resulted in our senior staff regularly appearing as expert witnesses. We have provided expert advice on a range of issues including price and non-price disputes, competition, third party access, and valuation.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Assessing intermodal competition in non-bulk freight transport

Euan Morton of Synergies was engaged as an independent economic expert by Clayton Utz (representing Pacific National (PN)), in court proceedings initiated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) who alleged that PN’s proposed acquisition of Aurizon’s intermodal business would substantially lessen competition in the transportation of non-bulk freight.
Synergies examined the relevant market(s) for intercity non-bulk freight services and the effectiveness of road and rail competition and, in particular, the influence of ...

Case study

Economic conditions and transport demand

Synergies was engaged by MolinoCahill to provide an independent expert report regarding the current and forecast economic conditions applicable when ARUP prepared its patronage forecasts for the Airport Link toll road in 2008, and how actual economic conditions varied from the forecasts as a result of the GFC.


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