Benchmarking & Productivity Analysis

Synergies has extensive advisory experience applying economic benchmarking techniques including, multilateral total factor productivity indexes, stochastic frontier analysis, and data envelope analysis. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various benchmarking techniques and their appropriate use in practice.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Pricing strategies at Australia seaports

Synergies is a leading advisor in the port sector, working collaboratively with many ports both big and small, city based and regional, bulk and non-bulk, private and government owned, across Australia to refine their pricing strategy to meet their broader objectives. This pricing intelligence is a vital input to ensure that a port is well positioned to meet the challenges of future demand as well as build on the opportunities to secure long term sustainable ...

Case study

Independent verifier of Transpower’s RCP3 expenditure proposal

Synergies (in partnership with GHD Advisory) was engaged by Transpower to provide an independent verification opinion on Transpower’s third regulatory control period (RCP3) base capital expenditure and operating expenditure forecasts relating to the 2020-25 period. This included testing the assumptions underpinning Transpower’s expenditure and demand forecasts prior to the submittal of its RCP3 proposal, as well as making recommendations to enhance the substantiation of specific components of its expenditure proposal.


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