The mining industry is a key growth sector in the economy, raising commercial and economic issues that require specialist advice. Synergies assists mining and resource companies with access to essential infrastructure, negotiate agreements and to estimate the economic and social benefits of projects for the purpose of demonstrating ‘social license’.


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Case study

Impact assessment of the proposed CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies

The University of Western Australia, in partnership with University of Queensland, is leading a bid to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to investigate new technologies and improved practices for mine closure. The rehabilitation and relinquishment of mines that have come to the end of their life is becoming an increasingly important issue for the mining sector, both here in Australia and internationally. With billions of dollars invested in mine rehabilitation each year, it is ...

Case study

Economic impact of the WA Biodiversity Science Institute

The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) was established by the WA government in 2015 to perform the role of a ‘science broker’, with the purpose fostering greater collaboration in finding practical, strategic solutions to the State’s biodiversity management challenges. WABSI’s stakeholders include the mining industry, government, researchers and non-government organisations. Synergies was engaged by the WABSI board to prepare an independent review of the value and impact of the Institute over the past four ...

Case study

Economic and social contributions of Lihir gold mine

Lihir gold mine, located in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG), is one of the world’s largest gold deposits. Production commenced in 1997 and it is estimated that there is another 31 years of gold reserves remaining at the site. Synergies was engaged by Newcrest, the mine’s owner and operator, to assess how the mine is contributing to the regional and national economies of Lihir and PNG. Both economic and social ...

Case study

Social Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Queensland mining proposal

Synergies was engaged by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) to prepare a rapid Social Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA) to assess the overall impact of a proposed new coal mine in the Darling Downs region of southeast Queensland. Our role was to quantify, assess and consolidate the benefits and costs of the development in order for policymakers to consider whether the development should receive government approvals.

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