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Synergies has a great wealth of experience in assisting businesses, research organisations, NGOs and local councils with preparing business cases for projects and programs. Increasingly, government funding is competitive and often calls for robust economic analysis to demonstrate positive returns to investment and contribution to jobs.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Co-digesting organic waste at Wastewater Treatment Plants

While a cost for some business sectors, the rising cost of waste disposal and management is creating opportunities for wastewater utilities in terms of maximising the resource value that is recovered from wastewater and other organic waste products. Synergies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of two options for the implementation of co-digestion at Queensland Urban Utility’s Luggage Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The analysis identified the option that would maximising both ...

Case study

Impact assessment of the proposed CRC for Transformation in Mining Economies

The University of Western Australia, in partnership with University of Queensland, is leading a bid to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to investigate new technologies and improved practices for mine closure. The rehabilitation and relinquishment of mines that have come to the end of their life is becoming an increasingly important issue for the mining sector, both here in Australia and internationally. With billions of dollars invested in mine rehabilitation each year, it is ...

Case study

The value of investing in R&D for the WA sheep industry

The WA sheep industry makes a significant contribution to the State’s economy, and has experienced a resurgence in recent years on the back of strong wool prices and productivity gains, particularly in lamb meat production. At present, the industry generates approximately $1.25 billion in sales and employs around 5000 people directly, with a further 1, 350 indirect jobs. But the industry is facing challenges and will need to maintain it’s productivity growth trajectory to remain ...

Case study

Peer Review of the Economic Analysis of the Nullinga Dam Preliminary Business Case

Synergies was engaged by Building Queensland to undertake a peer review of the economic analysis conducted as part of the Preliminary Business Case (PBC) for the proposed Nullinga Dam. The PBC identified an opportunity to expand irrigated agricultural production in the Atherton Tablelands through the supply of medium priority water entitlements from the proposed dam. The report presented to Building Queensland identified critical issues in relation to both the water demand assessment and economic analysis.


Case study

Economic, financial and social impacts of the Subiaco East redevelopment project

LandCorp engaged Synergies to assess the economic, financial and social impacts of a range of concept plans for the Subiaco East redevelopment project, which focused on the redevelopment of key sites marked for demolition and decommissioning into a vibrant, mixed-use city village. Synergies’ analysis informed decisions around the preferred concept plan based on a range of criteria. A preferred option was recommended for approval as part of the submission of the Detailed Business Case to ...

Case study

Assessing the economic benefits of the QUT Health and Wellness Precinct

Synergies was engaged by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to assess the economic benefits of the proposed QUT Health and Wellness Precinct, which will be designed to operate as a hub of excellence for translational research, innovation, teaching and learning with a strong focus on evolving technology. The project involved assessing the economic benefits of several programs and initiatives that are similar to the activities to be conducted within the Precinct in addition to ...


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