Labour market economics

Synergies’ has an in-depth understanding of urban and regional labour markets, including their theoretical underpinnings and real-world dynamics. We provide advice in relation to a diverse range of labour and employment matters, and engage in rigorous analysis that is tailored to the specific firms, employees, or labor markets of study.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

The Economic Impact of Robotics and Automation

Synergies investigated the implications of robotics and automation for the Queensland economy for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The report comprehensively surveyed the international experience of increased automation and found that the Queensland economy was particularly well placed to adapt to and benefit from increased automation.

Case study

Mapping short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets

Synergies was engaged by Jobs Queensland to investigate the short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets in Queensland and Queensland regions, concentrating upon likely shifts in industrial and occupation employment. Results from the shift-share analysis and regional modelling were to be used by Jobs Queensland to inform labour market scenarios in upcoming detailed investigations.


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