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Synergies has considerable experience assisting businesses subject to economic regulation across the transport, energy, and water sectors. In this regard, Synergies team members´ direct experience in regulated businesses and regulatory bodies enables different perspectives to inform the development of balanced advice to prepare clients for and engage with regulators.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Access Policy Independent Expert

Synergies is Australia’s leading advisor on pricing and economic regulation in the port sector. In 2017, Synergies was engaged by Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd (WICET) to undertake an independent review of the Wiggins Island Terminal Access Policy. The Access Policy sets out the rules for allocating, managing and expanding capacity at the Terminal.

Case study

The economics of responding to drought in Greater Sydney

Sydney Water engaged Synergies to develop an economic framework for quantifying the risks, costs and benefits of a drought management strategy for Greater Sydney. The framework examines the optimal sequence of new water supply projects as Sydney’s storage levels drop. The optimal strategy is one that avoids the risk of storages falling below critical levels (and triggering the need for very significant water restrictions), while minimising the cost of investing in capital projects that may ...

Case study

Economic and social contributions of Lihir gold mine

Lihir gold mine, located in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG), is one of the world’s largest gold deposits. Production commenced in 1997 and it is estimated that there is another 31 years of gold reserves remaining at the site. Synergies was engaged by Newcrest, the mine’s owner and operator, to assess how the mine is contributing to the regional and national economies of Lihir and PNG. Both economic and social ...


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