The cost of health care is rising significantly along with the pressure to manage it. There is also mounting pressure to meet the growing needs and expectations of the community. Synergies assist clients, both public and private, regulated and unregulated, overcome the unique challenges they face to deliver affordable health care.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Assessing the economic benefits of the QUT Health and Wellness Precinct

Synergies was engaged by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to assess the economic benefits of the proposed QUT Health and Wellness Precinct, which will be designed to operate as a hub of excellence for translational research, innovation, teaching and learning with a strong focus on evolving technology. The project involved assessing the economic benefits of several programs and initiatives that are similar to the activities to be conducted within the Precinct in addition to ...

Case study

Health and safety benefits of electrical switch protection devices

Electrical safety switches are now commonplace in most residential premises, but under current regulatory requirements in Queensland, only power and lighting circuits need to have safety protection devices installed. The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) engaged Synergies, in partnership with DBM Consultants, to assess whether the current regulations should be extended to require safety switches installed on all circuits, thereby eliminating the risk of accidental electrocution in the home. To answer this question, Synergies surveyed ...

Case study

Providing early intervention to children with autism

Synergies was engaged by the AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism to assess the impact of providing good practice Early Intervention (EI) to children with autism, focusing on those children with moderate to severe autism. The aim of the advice was to assess what level of funding is required for the delivery of good practice EI and whether that level is met by the funding made available for small group interventions by the National Disability ...

Case study

Economic Analysis of Beyond Billabong Programs

Synergies Economic Consulting undertook a cost benefit analysis to assess the economic impact of programs delivered by Beyond Billabong, an organisation which works with highly disadvantaged young people. Beyond Billabong’s programs have been shown to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people who have experienced trauma and abuse. We assessed the economic benefits to the community of these programs which in turn, demonstrated that the value and efficiency of government funding could be maximised ...



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