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Governments face some of the most perplexing issues of the day. The development of public policies relating to health, aged care, education and the environment often involve difficult trade offs to be made. Economics is a valuable discipline for evaluating these trade offs in a transparent and objective manner. It can also assist with understanding what policies will have the greatest effect on changing public behaviours in a way that leads to improved outcomes.


Latest Case Studies

Case study

Economic benefits of strategic environmental assessment for Perth-Peel region

Over the next 30 years, around 18, 000 hectares of native vegetation is expected to be cleared in metropolitan Perth to accommodate the state’s growing population. In order to improve the level of protection afforded to the environment, while ensuring economic development can proceed, the WA State Government has commenced work on preparing a Strategic Assessment for the Perth-Peel Region (SAPPR). Synergies was engaged to assist with evaluating the costs and benefits of the proposed ...

Case study

Economic, financial and social impacts of the Subiaco East redevelopment project

LandCorp engaged Synergies to assess the economic, financial and social impacts of a range of concept plans for the Subiaco East redevelopment project, which focused on the redevelopment of key sites marked for demolition and decommissioning into a vibrant, mixed-use city village. Synergies’ analysis informed decisions around the preferred concept plan based on a range of criteria. A preferred option was recommended for approval as part of the submission of the Detailed Business Case to ...

Case study

The Economic Impact of Robotics and Automation

Synergies investigated the implications of robotics and automation for the Queensland economy for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The report comprehensively surveyed the international experience of increased automation and found that the Queensland economy was particularly well placed to adapt to and benefit from increased automation.

Case study

Mapping short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets

Synergies was engaged by Jobs Queensland to investigate the short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets in Queensland and Queensland regions, concentrating upon likely shifts in industrial and occupation employment. Results from the shift-share analysis and regional modelling were to be used by Jobs Queensland to inform labour market scenarios in upcoming detailed investigations.

Case study

Economic needs assessment of a proposed new landfill facility

Synergies was engaged by Lantrak to undertake an economic needs assessment of its proposal to develop a new landfill facility at Jeebropilly in the Ipswich City Council region. The objective was to prepare a report as an attachment to the development application, assessing the need for future landfill disposal capacity in Ipswich as well as the broader southeast Queensland (SEQ) region

Case study

Cost benefit analysis of the redevelopment of the National Herbarium

Synergies was engaged by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust to conduct an economic evaluation of the proposed relocation of the National Herbarium of New South Wales to a purpose-built facility in the Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan. The current location provides sub-optimal conditions and has reached capacity. Our cost benefit analysis of the proposed relocation evaluated the positive and negative economic impacts of the relocation.

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