Synergies has experienced financial modellers with extensive revenue and price modelling experience in relation to the transport, energy, resources and water sectors. We develop simple and complex financial models for valuation, pricing and costing purposes to inform commercial decisions and regulatory processes.

We develop regulatory pricing, revenue and investment models for network service providers to meet regulatory requirements.

We develop budget models for the public sector and have extensive experience developing cost indices. Our modelling capability can also assist businesses seeking to optimise the use of resources involving complex trade-offs.

Specific projects we have undertaken include modelling:

  • the impact of adopting alternative forms of revenue/price regulation
  • the revenue and network price impacts of increased electricity distribution capital expenditure
  • a financial evaluation model to assess the economic feasibility of gas distribution network augmentation and to assess any up-front capital contribution requirements for customer requested works
  • prices for the use of rail infrastructure, including allowing for different approaches for cost allocation between users and incorporating the impact of capacity consumption
  • sub-sea broadband transmission market development in order to assess the merits of a major enquiry investment in a proposed new sub-sea cable

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