Competition Policy Analysis

Synergies’ understanding of the dynamics of markets and market definition combined with our modelling capability enables us to analyse market power and related issues for competition assessments, including modelling counterfactual situations.

We have advised on a range of trade practices issues including preparing submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on authorisation applications, advising on Part IIIA and Part IV of the Competition and Consumer Act, including access declaration applications and substantial lessening of competition assessments.

Specific projects we have worked on include preparing:

  • advice on market definitions in the forestry, health, energy, transport and gambling industries
  • a submission for a client in relation to the competition issues associated with a capacity allocation system at a bulk handling port in the context of an ACCC authorisation process
  • advice for a client on the implications of various pricing strategies for potential breaches of section 46 of the Trade Practices Act