The cost of health care is rising significantly along with the pressure to manage it. There is also mounting pressure to meet the growing needs and expectations of the community. Synergies assist clients, both public and private, regulated and unregulated, overcome the unique challenges they face to deliver affordable health care. Strategic investment and R&D advice, reviews of public policy, comparison of service delivery models, cost-benefit analysis, and market modelling are a few of the services we provide to our health sector clients. Please see below for examples of our work for the AEIOU, CSL, and Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.


Quantified the direct and indirect economic costs of autism in Australia. This required the development of a methodology to cost the outcomes and estimate the total costs of autism to the economy. Click here [link] to view the case study.


Estimated CSL’s contribution to the Australian economy to assist it to negotiate government support for biopharmaceutical research and development programs.

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health

Developed a Toolkit on measuring the Social Return on Investment in the Community Mental Health Sector. The Toolkit allowed the sector to explain the benefits of its work to the community as a financial return.