Government policy and regulation has a significant impact on economic and social outcomes across all sectors of the economy. Synergies provide government with a range of specialist skills to help them inform policy development, to design and review programs, and analyse and model the benefits and impacts of potential new policies. Synergies uses cost-benefit analysis, regulatory impact statements, business cases and fiscal modelling to assist government decision making. Please see below for examples of our work with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Treasury and the Department of Infrastructure and Planning.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Assessed the economic, social and environmental impact of a Water Resource Plan for the Wet Tropics. The findings were presented to a Community Reference Panel.

Queensland Treasury

Developed best-practice guidelines to explain how to conduct a regulation review using Queensland’s Regulatory Assessment Statement System.

Department of Infrastructure and Planning

Conducted a benchmarking study to review the competitiveness of the Northern Economic Triangle economic zone against domestic and international measures.