Leona Osinga

Senior Consultant

Leona joined Synergies as a Senior Consultant in 2018. Prior to joining Synergies, Leona worked for three years in the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet. During her time in government Leona worked in both Intergovernmental Relations and Economic Policy, providing strategic advice and economic analysis on a range of economic policy areas. Since joining Synergies, she has conducted extensive research and literature reviews and worked on projects involving regulatory review, industry competition review, cost benefit analysis and economic impact analysis.

Leona brings strong qualitative and analytical writing skills, being highly capable at informing quantitative modelling and analyses inputs with qualitative evidence and translating analyses outputs into a presentable and compelling report catered to the client’s needs. Leona is a qualified policy professional with a Master of International Economics and Finance, School of Business, Economics and Law from The University of Queensland.

Contact details

Phone: +61 7 3227 9581

Email: l.osinga@synergies.com.au

Leona Osinga's Recent Projects

Case study

Co-digesting organic waste at Wastewater Treatment Plants

While a cost for some business sectors, the rising cost of waste disposal and management is creating opportunities for wastewater utilities in terms of maximising the resource value that is recovered from wastewater and other organic waste products. Synergies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of two options for the implementation of co-digestion at Queensland Urban Utility’s Luggage Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The analysis identified the option that would maximising both ...

Case study

Please hold: costing telco customer wait times

Synergies was engaged by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) for advice on estimating the value of consumers’ time wasted (“time forgone”) trying to resolve customer service issues and the cost to consumers of intermittent or delayed supply (“reliability”). The aim of the advice was to provide an evidence base and a source of practical guidance on matters including how to apply non-market valuation techniques in the telecommunications context and the strengths and limitations ...

Case study

Economic, financial and social impacts of the Subiaco East redevelopment project

LandCorp engaged Synergies to assess the economic, financial and social impacts of a range of concept plans for the Subiaco East redevelopment project, which focused on the redevelopment of key sites marked for demolition and decommissioning into a vibrant, mixed-use city village. Synergies’ analysis informed decisions around the preferred concept plan based on a range of criteria. A preferred option was recommended for approval as part of the submission of the Detailed Business Case to ...

Case study

Assessing the economic benefits of the QUT Health and Wellness Precinct

Synergies was engaged by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to assess the economic benefits of the proposed QUT Health and Wellness Precinct, which will be designed to operate as a hub of excellence for translational research, innovation, teaching and learning with a strong focus on evolving technology. The project involved assessing the economic benefits of several programs and initiatives that are similar to the activities to be conducted within the Precinct in addition to ...

Case study

Assessing the economic benefits and costs of regulation in Australia’s sugar industry

Synergies was engaged by Canegrowers and the Australian Cane Farmers Association (ACFA) to assess the economic benefits and costs of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code – Sugar) Regulations 2017 (the Code). The project included a detailed assessment of the sugar industry, the conduct of its participants and the rationale for light-handed regulation of the marketing of raw sugar. The project assessed the Code’s impact on the industry since its implementation in 2017 and the ...

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