Hasham Hashimi

Senior Consultant

Since joining Synergies in 2017, Hasham has developed strong capabilities in quantitative analysis and statistical research. He has experience in undertaking analytical work such as cost-benefit analysis, economic impact analysis and predictive econometric modelling, having applied these skills in infrastructure economics, utilities and social policy analysis projects. Hasham is responsible for maintaining and further developing Synergies’ in-house input-output modelling datasets, which are used to analyse the economic effects of investment projects or policy initiatives at national, state and regional levels.

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Phone: +61 7 3227 9571

Email: h.hashimi@synergies.com.au

Hasham Hashimi's Recent Projects

Case study

Co-digesting organic waste at Wastewater Treatment Plants

While a cost for some business sectors, the rising cost of waste disposal and management is creating opportunities for wastewater utilities in terms of maximising the resource value that is recovered from wastewater and other organic waste products. Synergies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of two options for the implementation of co-digestion at Queensland Urban Utility’s Luggage Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The analysis identified the option that would maximising both ...


The robotics and automation advantage for Queensland

Synergies prepared a report for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) on the implications of robotics and automation for Queensland. The report highlighted industries and occupations that had much to gain from the successful adoption of robotics and automation through their comparative advantage


Case study

The Economic Impact of Robotics and Automation

Synergies investigated the implications of robotics and automation for the Queensland economy for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The report comprehensively surveyed the international experience of increased automation and found that the Queensland economy was particularly well placed to adapt to and benefit from increased automation.

Case study

Mapping short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets

Synergies was engaged by Jobs Queensland to investigate the short to medium term shifts in the structure of labour markets in Queensland and Queensland regions, concentrating upon likely shifts in industrial and occupation employment. Results from the shift-share analysis and regional modelling were to be used by Jobs Queensland to inform labour market scenarios in upcoming detailed investigations.

Case study

ATCO’s proposed Network Innovation Scheme

Synergies was engaged by ATCO Gas (ATCO) to prepare an expert report establishing the economic case for an innovation incentive scheme – the Network Innovation Scheme – to be incorporated into its proposed access arrangement to the WA Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) for the 2020 to 2024 regulatory period. The proposed Network Innovation Scheme was intended to be in the long-term interests of WA gas consumers through encouraging ATCO Gas to seek out new and ...


Synergies Consulting Report with updated Wage price index (WPI) forecasts for Western Power’s AA4 regulatory period

This chapter presents our updated WPI forecasts for Western Power’s AA4 regulatory period. It also explains the economic drivers underpinning our updated WPI forecasts and the reasons for some small differences between our original and updated forecasts.


Case study

Economic needs assessment of a proposed new landfill facility

Synergies was engaged by Lantrak to undertake an economic needs assessment of its proposal to develop a new landfill facility at Jeebropilly in the Ipswich City Council region. The objective was to prepare a report as an attachment to the development application, assessing the need for future landfill disposal capacity in Ipswich as well as the broader southeast Queensland (SEQ) region

Case study

Economic analysis of the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project

Synergies was engaged by Building Queensland to assist with the development of the Detailed Business Case for the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project. Synergies’ key task was completing an economic analysis of the proposed Rookwood Weir, which will be capable of supplying up to 76, 000 ML per annum for urban, industrial and agricultural use. Synergies also assisted with the preparation of several other chapters of the business case, including the base case, public interest ...

Case study

Economic and social contributions of Lihir gold mine

Lihir gold mine, located in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG), is one of the world’s largest gold deposits. Production commenced in 1997 and it is estimated that there is another 31 years of gold reserves remaining at the site. Synergies was engaged by Newcrest, the mine’s owner and operator, to assess how the mine is contributing to the regional and national economies of Lihir and PNG. Both economic and social ...

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