Co-digesting organic waste at Wastewater Treatment Plants

20 February, 2020

While a cost for some business sectors, the rising cost of waste disposal and management is creating opportunities for wastewater utilities in terms of maximising the resource value that is recovered from wastewater and other organic waste products. Synergies conducted a comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic feasibility of two options for the implementation of co-digestion at Queensland Urban Utility’s Luggage Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The analysis identified the option that would maximising both the direct financial benefit to QUU and wider economic benefit from the avoided economic cost associated with the disposal of organic waste

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What our client said

Synergies demonstrated a thorough understanding of Urban Utilities’ requirements on the project, engaged with relevant stakeholders in validating the assumptions and provided the required deliverables in a timely manner. In addition to the technical skill sets, Synergies was flexible to Urban Utilities’ needs, easy to work with and proved to be a valuable resource, not just on the specified project they were engaged for, but as an advisor in developing the broader context of expanded resource recovery beyond the project scope. Synergies’ deliverables to date have been a valuable input to Urban Utilities’ business case for expanded resource recovery.

Lavanya Susarla, Commercialisation Manager

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