Synergies Economic Consulting offers a broad range of economic, business and finance advisory services. These advisory services include expert witness services, microeconomic analysis and modelling, regulatory and competition issues, cost/benefit and financial analysis, health economics, business case development and public policy.

Synergies has a genuine commitment to providing rigorous expert advice to a growing and diverse client base in business and government. Through intensive client engagement, we seek to fully understand the needs of our clients. We deliver services that focus clearly on their individual circumstances and needs, while drawing on the extensive industry, regulatory and public sector expertise of the Synergies team.

Our priority is to consistently deliver advice of a high standard for our clients in order to create value for their operations while establishing long term business relationships built on trust and integrity.

What's New

23/06/2015 - Read our new Insight Article - Let´s party: How do events impact on economic well-being?, written by Matt Clark.


12/06/2015 - Please read our Policy Update Volume 15: March to April 2015


21/05/2015 - Read our new Insight Article - China-Australia FTA: Miracle or Mirage, co-written by Andrew Bridger and Jeff Lassen.


20/05/2015 - Read our new Insight Article - Australia’s economic challenges in three graphs, co-written by Pamela Dodd and Jeff Lassen.


5/05/2015 - Read our Insight Article - Re:think or repeat? Australia’s tax system needs a better vision, co-written by Alexander Svanberg and Anne Erlandsen.


20/04/2015 - The Murray Darling Basin Authority has published Synergies’ report which reviews the costs of River Murray Operations.


Case Study

APA Group - APT Amadeus WACC
Synergies Economic Consulting undertook a review of all the WACC input parameters and prepared a detailed submission on behalf of APA Group as part of the AER’s review of the revised access arrangement to apply to the Amadeus gas pipeline.


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