Stevedore infrastructure charges – efficient or excessive?

It’s a topic that generates much debate in Australia’s ports and freight industries. And the debate is not likely to abate any time soon. But can it be resolved? Australia’s two largest stevedores, DP World and Patrick have either introduced or announced further increases in ‘infrastructure charges’ at their container terminals this year, with DP […]

A tale of two stevedores – infrastructure charges

In recent months, Australia’s two major stevedores have announced increased fees for truck and rail operators accessing major city container port terminals. Such charges have become a regular feature in the Australian stevedoring landscape, much to the ire of land-side operators and other stakeholders. Where state governments have previously failed to show leadership to encourage […]

Road Pricing

The Australian road network is fundamental for society’s economic and social needs.  The Harper Competition Policy stated that “Reform of road pricing and provision should be a priority.  Road reform is the least advanced of all transport modes and holds the greatest prospect for efficiency improvements”.

QCA Draft Decision: Queensland Rail Draft Access Undertaking

On 8 October 2015, the QCA released its draft decision on Queensland Rail’s (QR’s) most recent draft access undertaking proposal (DAU).  This is QR’s first access undertaking since its separation from Aurizon in 2010, and has had a protracted and contentious development process, with QR submitting its first DAU in March 2012 for an intended […]

Uber-powerful Monopolies & their Discontents

Taxis are an important component of Queensland’s transport system, bridging the gap where private or public transport is not available by offering flexible and convenient transportation. The taxi industry is a highly regulated industry, with regulations said to be in the interests of consumers. Apart from controls over drivers and vehicle standards, the size of the […]