WA – An Economy in Transition

A cursory glance says Western Australia’s (WA’s) economy is doing okay. Real Gross State Product (GSP) is growing at a healthy pace, inflation is low and unemployment is a little high but a long way from the levels seen in the early 90s. But there is another story that doesn’t show up in those headline […]

Road Pricing

The Australian road network is fundamental for society’s economic and social needs.  The Harper Competition Policy stated that “Reform of road pricing and provision should be a priority.  Road reform is the least advanced of all transport modes and holds the greatest prospect for efficiency improvements”.

Five Points on Tax Reform

The tax reform discussion has already started to narrow in on specific changes, such as increasing the GST, closing superannuation loopholes, and fixing negative gearing. However, beginning the reform conversation with critiques of individual taxes and suggestions for piecemeal fixes leaves us condemned to repeat the mistakes of past reform attempts.

Australia´s economic challenges in three graphs

Australia is a prosperous nation. In the decade to 2012 we reaped the benefits of a term of trade boom which further increased our wealth. But the boom has proved to be temporary and is unlikely to be repeated in the near future. Our next phase of growth will require measures that increase the productivity […]