Economic Policy

Navigating a path through the national energy policy morass

The almost weekly major energy policy announcements by State and Commonwealth Governments in recent times brings to mind the old cliche of never letting a good (energy) crisis go to waste. Sadly, the lack of national direction and various recent uncoordinated Government policy announcements to address short term political problems could be laying the groundwork […]

Central Elements of Effective Policy Making

This policy update provides a brief and general review of the most recent policies, strategies and initiatives announced in the lead up to the Federal election. A central role for Government is to set the policy framework for its constituents. This is not an easy task, especially if we take into account the constrained timelines […]

Policy Update Volume 20: February to March 2016

The Federal and some State and Territory governments have released medium to long term infrastructure plans. These plans list proposed projects for roads, schools, hospitals, digital connectivity, water, energy, public transport, airports, ports, emergency services, and corrections. Projects are usually classified as immediate or long term priorities and some plans also discuss the funding and […]